Test Universe 4.40 - Configure your hardware easily

March 11, 2024

Test Universe is our most powerful and convenient software tool for settings-based testing of protection relays. Function-specific test modules graphically display relay characteristics, allowing you to easily check settings and operation modes. The software offers fully automated protection testing with a comprehensive library of relay-specific test plans (PTL) and automatic adaptation to relay settings.

In the new version, we have focused on making it easier for you to configure your testing equipment’s hardware and switch between your test devices. In both cases, you’ll benefit from the intuitive operation, in addition to receiving detailed troubleshooting suggestions when you need any help in establishing a connection.

New Test Universe 4.40 features and improvements at a glance

  • Configure your hardware even more easily using the revamped and improved user interface.
  • With the new version of Test Universe you can simulate a Grandmaster Clock on your CMC or use an inaccurate Grandmaster Clock for time synchronization. This is especially useful when commissioning IEDs that process sampled values.
  • Use the option of testing with residual voltages and currents in all Test Universe modules.

All other improvements in this version can be found in the "What's New" document in the customer portal.

Note on software and hardware compatibility

After more than 10 years with Test Universe 4.40, we’re saying goodbye to Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1, Windows 32-bit installations, and old accessories. You can find more information about this in the "What's New" document and the Phase-out Library.

You can download the new software version from our Customer Portal (for registered users).


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