MPD Suite Software Version 1.50 is Available

July 3, 2024

MPD Suite software is used with our MPD 800, MPD 600 (with upgrades), and UHF 800 partial discharge measurement and analysis systems. The comprehensive software is continuously updated to provide users with the latest features for highly efficient PD measurement, data analysis, and reporting capabilities in various testing applications.

MPD Suite software has been recently updated from Version 1.40 to Version 1.50. New features in Version 1.50 include:

  • IEC-compliant performance check for MPD 800 
  • Cable factory testing workflow
  • Improved GPS localization 
  • Synced PD scope triggers
  • Enhanced trend view
  • RIV quantities for meter view and reporting
  • Grouping feature for PD channels
  • Grouping feature for AC/DC setup 
  • Combined 3PARD for MPD 800 and UHF 800

Cable factory testing workflow for MPD 800

We have also added the Cable Factory Testing Workflow to the MPD 800. It features a separate user interface for performing factory tests, such as FAT. It is an extremely useful tool for manufacturers of high-voltage or medium-voltage cables. The workflow guides the user through PD testing of high-voltage cables in the factory and shows only the relevant information and controls for each test step.

On-site PD cable testing - GPS localization improvement

With the new MPD Suite software version 1.50, we adjusted the synchronization between local MPD 800 units, which are locally separated with no fiber optical cable connection, to the GPS time and internal protocol. This results in a more reliable triggering of the same signal and improves PD localization when merging the PD dataset files for post-analysis.

Prominent new features

IEC 60270-compliant performance check for MPD 800
The IEC 60270 standard, which forms the basis for most PD measurements, mandates that PD measurement devices undergo a performance check once per year. The purpose of this check is to ensure that the PD filters used in those measurement devices continue to operate correctly. Starting with Version 1.50, the MPD Suite software now includes a Performance Check Wizard, which automates this process for MPD 800 devices. It guides you through these measurements, collects the data results, and compares them with results from previous years.

Learn more

More information can be found in the What’s New document on the MPD Suite software page in the OMICRON Customer Portal, where you can also download the installer for this new software version in the download area. 

If you are not already an MPD 800 or UHF 800 customer, click below for more information:

MPD 800 | UHF 800

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