Prevent Partial Discharges
From Damaging Your Gas-Insulated Switchgear

Use PARADIMO 100 for continuous monitoring and risk assessment

Our PARADIMO 100 is a smart edge computing device that provides you with continuous monitoring and trending of partial discharge (PD) activity in Gas-Insulated Switchgear (GIS) and Gas-Insulated Lines (GIL). It automatically detects and classifies the type of insulation defect and issues alerts based on the defect classification for reliable risk assessment.

Why PD monitoring is essential in GIS and GIL

PD in GIS and GIL is a leading indicator that a fault will occur in the insulation, and immediate action is needed to prevent a catastrophic failure. Since PD accelerates the aging and deterioration of insulation, the continuous online monitoring, trending, and diagnostics of PD activity play a critical role in assessing insulation condition and the risk of failure in GIS and GIL throughout the equipment’s lifetime. 

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In Episode 76 of our Energy Talks podcast series, partial discharge (PD) expert Caspar Steineke discusses the benefits of PD monitoring on GIS and GIL and how our PARADIMO 100 is used for reliable insulation defect detection and risk assessment.

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PARADIMO 100 key benefits:

  • Peace of mind – Benefit from automatic alerts and reliable insulation assessments to determine risk and eliminate critical defects to avoid possible failure. 
  • Minimal operator intervention – The system automatically records, saves, and evaluates the monitoring data after setup and configuration. Alerts are automatically generated for risk assessment if defects are detected and classified as critical. 
  • Convenient Web user interface – You do not need to install additional software on your external PC to access the system. The Web user interface allows easy access for configuring measurement and alert settings and viewing real-time PD data and recorded trends. 
  • Built-in PD know-how – Users need not be PD experts to interpret the results. The system detects and automatically classifies all PD-related defects for reliable risk assessment. 

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