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Advanced Protection Testing

Substantially Reduce Efforts, Costs and More

Protection relays supervise the correct functioning of high voltage (HV) and medium voltage (MV) power grids and connected assets, to support a continuous power supply. If installed and maintained properly, they allow for fast, reliable and selective fault elimination, while simultaneously guaranteeing a maximum of personnel and asset safety.

In order to ensure their correct operation, the devices have to be tested regularly by various actors during all stages of their life cycle. This is very time-consuming if conventional testing methods are used:

  • Product stage: precision and type testing by manufacturers,
  • Project stage: complete protection system testing during commissioning by a project company for example,
  • Maintenance stage: regular or incident driven testing by system operators or service providers.


Advanced Protection Testing approaches such as organized, standardized or even automated parameter-based and system-based testing allow for a maximum in safety, quality, and reliability. At the same time, they reduce testing time as well as outages substantially. Of course, this directly impacts related costs. In addition, such an approach allows to maintain and transfer competencies and expertise among personnel as well as drive the technological evolution of protection systems.

"Customers reduced their previous effort to around one fifth of the time."

"Return on investment of a powerful and efficient automated relay test set
is generally reached after only six months."

Switching from manual and traditional testing approaches to Advanced Protection Testing methods is one of the rare cases where major advantages are not matched by relevant disadvantages. Of course, initial training is required, but thereafter, Advanced Protection Testing generates substantial long-term benefits at all levels. From saving time and reducing costs, to increasing quality, reliability, and safety, to fostering the transfer of expertise and knowledge as well as technological development.

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